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Masked Daughter of Ben Affleck Says Long COVID Targets People of Color and Trans People

Meme screenshot

Wow, Violet Affleck speaks quickly. Speaking through her N95 respirator, Affleck demanded mask availability, air filtration, and far-UVC light in government facilities including prisons and detention centers in order to fight long COVID, from which she suffers. That's even more than the teacher's unions demanded before they'd return to the classroom. We couldn't catch everything she said because she was speaking so quickly, but we heard her manage to work in the homeless and the trans community as well in her screed on long COVID. 


“I demand mask availability, air filtration and Far-UVC light in government facilitates, including jails and detention centers, and mask mandates in county medical faculties.” 

“You must expand the availability of high-quality free tests and treatment, and most importantly the county must oppose mask bans for any reason. They do not keep us safer.”

Violet Affleck, 18, is regularly seen wearing a mask while walking around outside in Los Angeles. 

Her sister, Seraphina Rose Affleck, recently came out as non-binary, shaved her hair off and declared she now identifies as a boy called ‘Fin.’ 

She made the declaration at her grandfather's funeral.

She demands it! Do you know who I am?

Mandating masks? How about no. We're not doing that anymore. 


We failed her. 

That's not true. Taylor Lorenz suffers from long COVID, and she's certainly all there mentally.


That's a really good question. She's not alone, though. As recently as May, the World Health Organization was recommending that people still wear masks.



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