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‘Christian' Incels Harassing Trans Activist for Educating Folx on Nazis

Are we the baddies meme

Antifa's stated goal was to "punch Nazis." Another way to deal with Nazis is to doxx them. Good Tweetman was reportedly doxxed for saying something about the trans community, which caught the eye of this trans activist.


The doxxing tweet is still up; we'll just quote it because it contains a screenshot of Tweetman's address and phone number.

I just finished contacting his employer and emailed them some of his bigoted tweets in hopes that he is terminated. I suggest all of my followers do the same, we should make all nazis lives hell, these people don't deserve to work.


Doxxer "Axel" is actually disheartened, poor guy. He's being harassed by incels who call themselves "Christians" just for trying to educate folx on someone being a Nazi.


Disney fired Gina Carano for a tweet asking if we wanted to go back to Nazi Germany where neighbors turned each other in.

Come on, Elon, how is the original tweet still up?



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