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BREAKING: Republican Adam Kinzinger Is Voting for Biden

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Biden's Wins, which keeps score of President Biden’s wins, is a fun account to follow, as his Biden-Harris HQ. Biden's Wins is always happy to tell you that Bidenomics is working and prices are down along with crime, thanks to President Biden.


We're not sure where they got this "BREAKING" news story, but we thought it was important to get out to the world.

"Republicans like Kinzinger." Good one. Of course, he's going to vote for Joe Biden, for the sole reason that he isn't Donald Trump, whom he thoroughly and fairly investigated as a member of the January 6 select committee.

How many Never Trumpers are still Republicans? They all voted for Biden in 2020 and have encouraged their followers to vote Democrat straight down the ballot.

So we don't know if Kinzinger has formally endorsed Biden, but we know he's voting for him.

He's a senior political analyst at CNN, last we'd heard.


Maybe he's kept his Republican registration so CNN can claim they have a Republican on staff.

It seems like it. They post a lot of funny stuff. We remember when Jennifer Rubin thought Liz Cheney was the ideal candidate for president for the GOP because of her brave work with the January 6 committee.

So we know Kinzinger and the staff of The Bulwark and the Lincoln Project are voting for Biden. You can too if you're a Republican like them.



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