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Rep. Jamaal Bowman Apologizes for Calling Sexual Violence on October 7 ‘Propaganda’

AP Photo/Nathan Howard

One thing that astounds this editor is the Hamas rape deniers. You can tell them that Hamas killed 1,200 innocent civilians on October 7 and they won't argue with you. But if you suggest Hamas terrorists raped Israeli women on October 7, they get deeply offended. Sure, Hamas terrorists would burn you alive, but they'd never stoop to rape.


Except we have the GoPro video footage that the Hamas terrorists uploaded to social media. And a UN report concluded that yes, there was sexual violence on October 7.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman, a member in good standing of the Hamas Caucus,  was among that group who called the allegations of rape Israeli propaganda. He's now apologized.

Politico reports:

Bowman apologized this week for calling Hamas’ sexual violence against Israeli women on Oct. 7 “propaganda” and “lies.”

Bowman, the left-leaning Democrat facing the prospect of defeat next week, said in response to a WNYC caller, “Immediately when the UN provided additional evidence, I voted to condemn the sexual violence. I apologize for my comments and now we’re continuing to do the work to fight sexual violence and domestic violence in all its forms.”

"The left-leaning Democrat."


This editor remembers doing a search for "far-left" on CNN's website and getting two hits, the first of which was a piece about left-handed people. Funny how there's a "far-right" but no "far-left."


Witness testimony wasn't enough for Bowman … he had to wait for the UN to provide additional evidence before he'd believe that Israeli women had been raped on October 7. If word gets out that he apologized, he'll probably lose all of his radical base who will defend Hamas until the end.


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