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London Breed Challenges Mayoral Candidate to Name Three Drag Queens

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

San Francisco is an interesting place, to say the least. You get who you elect, and the people of San Francisco elected London Breed to be their mayor. Besides advocating for reparations, Breed has introduced some innovative programs, such as 2022's Guaranteed Income for Trans People program, which provides low-income transgender San Franciscans with $1,200 each month, for up to 18 months, to help address financial insecurity within trans communities.

There was a mayoral debate the other night, and the highlight was Breed challenging a candidate to name three drag queens in San Francisco.

You know that, as in Chicago, they'll either re-elect her or someone worse. This is who the citizens of San Francisco elected to run their city. 

Maybe I missed the news about a Guaranteed Income for Drag Queens program that hands out checks every month.



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