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Mom: Florida Kid’s Life ‘Destroyed’ by Being Outed As Male

AP Photo/Robin Rayne

Living in Florida is like a death sentence if you're LGBTQ. Families with trans children are packing up their U-Hauls and moving to safer states. TIME Magazine recently did a story on how Florida's restrictive abortion laws made it difficult for a man to get an abortion. (We'd imagine it's more than difficult —it's impossible.)


Yahoo News reports on a mom whose child's life has been ruined by Gov. Ron DeSantis' law preventing biological males from playing on girls' sports teams.

Terry Spencer reports:

A Florida public school employee who faces firing because she allowed her transgender daughter to play girls high school volleyball assailed those who outed her child, saying Tuesday that the ensuing investigation destroyed the girl's life.

“They destroyed her high school career and her lifelong memories,” [Jessica] Norton said. “I saw the light in my daughter’s eyes gleam with future plans of organizing and attending prom, participating in and leading senior class traditions, speaking at graduation and going off to college with the confidence and joy that any student like her would after a successful and encouraging high school experience. And 203 days ago, I watched as that life was extinguished."

The girl now attends school online.

As President Joe Biden has famously said, "No one is above the law."

So when did this "outing" happen? Norton enrolled her child as a boy in kindergarten, before she started transitioning in first grade. "Norton knew the new state law barred transgender girls from playing girls sports when her daughter entered high school in 2022," Spencer reports.


It seems mom always does the talking, not dad.

Norton said the school district happily changed the child's gender on his school records in second grade.


The "outing" was sure to happen when the boy started sharing the showers with the girls in the girls' locker room. Maybe trying to sneak onto the girls' team was a bad idea.


So, in short, the lesson is that it's all transphobic DeSantis' fault for signing such anti-trans legislation into law. Just to make sure we're clear on who the real villain is here.


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