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UK to Be Blasted by Two-Day, 78-Degree Heatwave


It's that time of year again — summer — when all of the climate alarmists tell us the planet is heating up because of climate change. Never mind that summer is hot.


Europeans have been some of the biggest babies about this, and The Daily Mirror reports, over a photo of a woman bending over a fountain, that the United Kingdom is set to be blasted with a 48-hour, 26-degree Celsius heatwave. What does that come out to in Fahrenheit?

Wow, that's almost 79 degrees!

CNN recently tried to shame Americans for relying on air conditioning, which we've been assured is sexist.


The British colonized huge parts of the globe where 79 degrees was a cool day.

They do these pieces every year, and every year is the hottest summer ever. And then we get all the think pieces over here in America about how air conditioning is a bad thing.

Maybe the Brits should take a look at the Boston Globe from a few years back:


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