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The Left Can't Meme: Attorney Weighs Hunter Biden's Gun Crimes Against Kyle Rittenhouse


Fernando Oliver claims in his bio to be an attorney, a professor, and a historian. He doesn't seem to have much of a grasp of modern history, though, and we wonder about his credentials as an attorney. He found this meme comparing Hunter Biden's victimless gun crime to that of Kyle Rittenhouse, who possessed his gun legally and was found not guilty of murdering the thugs who were trying to kill him. Don't forget that Rittenhouse crossed state lines, too — for some reason, the Left thinks that's a crime, too.


Um, it was Biden who possessed the gun illegally. He was found guilty. It was in the news recently.

There it is.

Rittenhouse wasn't high on crack when he shot his attackers, either.


Liberals can't make up their minds if Biden's conviction was a good thing or a bad thing. It was a good thing because it showed that no one is above the law, right? But it was a bad thing because Biden only broke the law a little bit?

You say right-wing gun nuts as if it were an insult.



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