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Climate Nutjobs Form Human Circle Around Citi Employees Trying to Get to Work


So apparently there's a hashtag, #SummerofHeat, along with a website, summerofheat.org. We haven't visited the site, but we do know that, yes, it's hot in the summer. That's called weather.


Climate alarmists decided to converge on Citibank Wednesday to protest its funding of fossil fuels, which were probably responsible for getting all of those protesters there. 

"I'm a biologist!" So she knows what a woman is, right? Remember her the next time someone cites a consensus among "scientists" that mankind is responsible for global warming.

Some of these clowns decided to harass Citibank employees just trying to get to their jobs by encircling them. Our lawyer, Aaron Walker, would probably know, but isn't that criminal? It sounds like kidnapping, the same thing you do when you trap people in their cars.


Imagine going to work.

Isn't this Alvin Bragg's territory? You know he'd charge anyone who touched one of these clowns with assault.


It would be so, so tempting.

And not one single person was made more sympathetic to their cause.


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