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European Socialists Not Reacting Well to the 'Far-Right' Winning Elections


I'll admit I don't know much about the European Union. I do know that on the day the British voted for Brexit, my family and I went to an English-themed pub and had lunch. Europe has been taken over by both socialists and Muslim immigrants thanks to unchecked immigration. But in Scotland, you can't say anything about immigrants because it's a hate crime and comes with a jail sentence.

The "far-right" has been dominating recent elections in the EU, and lefties are not taking it well. Here are supporters of the French Socialist Party reacting to election returns.

This girl's not taking it well:

Here's Belgium's prime minister:

Here's what has them all so upset:

• Promised to Protect French Jews 

• Economic Nationalism

• Calls for De-Islamization of France

• Opposes Globalization

• Promote Patriotism & French Culture 

• Tough Border Controls

3. You've tried to indoctrinate our kids in an effort to turn them into gay/trans/communists.

4. You've forced us to fund endless wars.

5. You ruined the lives of millions of people by forcing them to choose between their careers or taking an experimental vaccine. 

6. You've destroyed our economies. 

Your concern is valid, nationally and globally, we are inevitable.

"Extreme" Hakeem Jeffries concludes that democracy is under attack throughout the world, and we must defend it "with the fierce urgency of now." Did Kamala's speechwriter compose that one?

Here's a lengthy and thoughtful post about what's going on in Europe and why American media is so upset:

1. The deliberate depopulation of Europe.

2. The deliberate destruction of centuries-old European culture in favor of Islam via unchecked migration of "refugees."

3. The deliberate lowering of standards of living and life expectancy through the mandated use of inefficient energy sources in response to the "climate change" hoax.

4. Centralized control of all facets of life by unelected, unaccountable EU bureaucrats.

5. Deliberate reductions in the farming, production and consumption of traditional food stuffs in favor of, among other things, bugs.

6. Failure of law enforcement to protect citizens from urban violence.

Americans, do these issues sound familiar to you?  Remember how Brexit was a harbinger of Trump?  I suspect that is about to play out again in 2024.

Both European and American citizens have come to understand that for the first time in history their political leadership is deliberately seeking to lower their quality of life as a specific policy objective.

Change is coming.

Coming to a country near you in November.

And less of this, please:



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