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Ana Navarro Says Latino Trump Supporters Want to 'Pass As More American'

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP

Latino Trump supporters who immigrated to this country legally already are American. But Ana Navarro, who used to call herself a Republican strategist, seems to think that Latinos who support Donald Trump have "very stupid" attitudes toward immigration. The Daily Mail settled with calling Navarro an "anti-Trump Republican."


CNN's Ana Navarro has criticized fellow Latinos who support Donald Trump, labeling their attitudes towards immigration as 'very stupid.' 

Navarro suggested that some Latino immigrants seem to forget their own roots and mistakenly believe that being anti-immigrant will help them assimilate better into American society. 

Speaking on CNN on Friday night, the anti-Trump Republican expressed her frustration with such a mindset, saying it only serves to highlight how it contributes to a divisive atmosphere.

Being Latino doesn't make you want an open border. Besides, people from around the world are flying to Mexico and then walking across the border after their ride drops them off. A lot of "asylum seekers" are African, and we've seen a sharp uptick in military-aged male Chinese nationals making the crossing.

… and who think being anti-immigrant somehow is going to make them pass as more American, pass as whatever! And that’s a very stupid attitude to have.”


Being "anti-immigrant" makes them more American.

Latino families have kids in schools that are being overwhelmed with "newcomers." They pay taxes that are going to house and feed these "new Americans." Why would they want their cities flooded with illegals from all around the globe?


The Biden White House did its best to reach out to "Latinx" voters, with their first mistake calling them Latinx.

Navarro's allegedly a Republican, so we wonder what her policy is on illegal immigration. We'd bet it aligns perfectly with the Democratic policy on illegal immigration, which is to do nothing but encourage it.


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