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Israel 'Invades' Al-Shifa Hospital Against 'What It Said Were Palestinian Militants'

AP Photo/Ohad Zwigenberg

The Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza has been a hot point ever since Israel declared war against Hamas. The Squad repeated the debunked story that Israel had destroyed the hospital in an airstrike — the New York Times changed its headline three times but still ran a picture of a totally different building. It turns out that Palestinian Islamic Jihad misfired a rocket that landed in a parking lot a couple of blocks down from the hospital.


Israel says Hamas has been using the hospital as a base of operations. Now the news is that Israel really has destroyed the hospital after invading it and slaughtering civilians.

No civilian was killed in Al-Shifa, not a single one.

The Palestinians know this very well.

Hundreds of terrorists were killed, and hundreds were captured, including some of the most senior figures. 

Millions of dollars in cash were discovered. There is endless evidence that were gathered and will be used in The Hague court.

The Palestinians and their propagandists are so embarrassed and distressed, and so furious about the successful operation. 

This is evident from the extremity of the lies they are spreading today.

All respect to the IDF.

This operation may turn out to be an important turning point.

Jonah Goldberg noted that the New York Times reported that Israeli troops had withdrawn from the hospital "after a two-week battle against what it said were Palestinian militants."


It was obvious that terrorists used the hospital staff and patients as shield.

Their plan was to cause more civilian casualties so they can play more victim cards. Cowards!!

Well done @IDF & Well done @Israel

India stands with Israel.


Someone had to be firing back. Was it the patients?


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