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Misinformation watchdog notes Greg Gutfeld comparing fire alarm to 9/11 and January 6

Move over Media Matters … you've got competition. Juliet Jeske says in her X bio that she deciphers misinformation and disinformation on Fox News. That should free up Media Matters to obsess over Michael Knowles and Ben Shapiro a bit more.


In case you missed it, Fox News' Greg Gutfeld compared Rep. Jamaal Bowman pulling a fire alarm to 9/11 and January 6. It certainly did have the feel of an insurrection, seeing as important business was going on in Congress.

Jeske is shocked Gutfeld would compare a silly accident to the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor, which breaks with liberal orthodoxy, which says that January 6 was worse than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes' followers think Lauren Boebert getting kicked out of "Beetlejuice" was the worst attack on family values since, well, Hunter Biden? Bill Clinton?

That tweet is dumber than pulling a fire alarm by "mistake."


She's not buying your "sarcasm" excuse.


She does suck at this. No matter Media Matters passed her up.

Her X bio says she started "Decoding Fox News" in February 2022 — at least as a full-time profession.

She would have been great on the Disinformation Governance Board if that had panned out.


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