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It looks like Democrats are getting nervous about a Biden/Harris ticket

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Our own Just Mindy published a VIP post earlier today about the Democratic Party dumping Joe Biden as the 2024 nominee. I'm not as sure as she is, but the signs just this week are not good for Sleepy Joe.

Let's review:

The Washington Post ran an op-ed by David Ignatius calling for Biden to drop out. A reporter asked John Kirby what's up with Biden lying all the time. CNN even did a segment on Biden's serial lying:

CNN's Anderson Cooper asked Nancy Pelosi if Kamala Harris should remain on the ticket, and she didn't say yes. CNN's Jake Tapper asked Jamie Raskin if Harris should stay on the ticket, and he didn't say yes.

No one's buying Bidenomics and inflation rose again in August. Biden's approval numbers suck, Harris' are worse, and we're seeing more stories about how Biden's age is voters' main concern — and there's not anything he can do about that.

We've got Gov. Gavin Newsom waiting in the wings … he's already done one sweep of the country and seems anxious to take on Gov. Ron DeSantis.

For the mainstream media to be asking these questions at all means people are nervous. The DNC can have shills like Harry Sisson and Victor Shi trying to convince young voters that Biden is awesome, but young voters are tired of being ruled by the elderly. It's funny …  Donald Trump is old too, but there's nowhere near the amount of discussion about his mental faculties.

Besides Newsom, they've got Robert F. Kennedy Jr., but he seems to have been frozen out by the mainstream media. Holier-than-thou Jake Tapper has said he wouldn't host a town hall with RFK because he's a liar (and Biden's not). We've seen a handful of people saying RFK should be Trump's running mate.

Frankly, I fear that another Biden/Trump matchup would end in another Biden victory, but recent polls say I'm wrong. We'll have to see if the indictments hurt or help Trump.

Biden's a horrible human being and I'll be glad to be rid of him, but it's shocking to see his cheerleaders in the mainstream media putting down their pom-poms and biting their nails.

As Ignatius said in his op-ed, there's not a lot of time left.



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