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Picture book for kids ages 2-5 teaches them there are lots of different genders


I joke sometimes that I'm Twitchy's LGBTQ+ editor because I seem to do so many stories on the subject, especially on Saturdays when the news slows down but the queer agenda never lets up. As we told you earlier, Sen. John Kennedy on Tuesday did what so many parents are doing at school board meetings: reading aloud from so-called "banned" books. Democrats as usual are squishes on the issue; Sen. Dick Durbin said that obviously Democrats don't want sexually explicit material in school libraries, and yet anytime there's an effort to remove them, Democrats accuse Republicans of banning books.

Those videos that Boston Children's Hospital's gender clinic put up and then took back down included a psychologist who claimed that children know basically from in the womb if they're transgender. They're clumps of cells that don't feel pain but know if they're being born into the wrong body.

Why the push to introduce kids to transgenderism so early? We suppose the argument is that kids need to be taught tolerance before "cisnormative values" become engrained and they think boys are boys and girls are girls.

Libs of TikTok has found a picture book for kids ages 2-5 called "Being You." "Am I a girl? Am I a boy? Am I both? Am I neither?"

From the book:

When a baby is born, grown-ups might say "it's a girl" if their body has a vagina, or "it's a boy" if their body has a penis. Sometimes grown-ups aren't sure, but they choose the words "girl" or "boy" anyway.

Stupid grown-ups. Give your children gender-neutral names, pick out gender-neutral clothes, and let them tell you when they've decided what gender they are.

Some publisher thought this was a great idea for a book and rushed to get it on library shelves.

Yep. Make sure your child knows from birth that they can choose if they're a boy or a girl. Or let an authority figure, like a kindergarten teacher, have them pick out their own pronouns for a start. "Do you feel like a girl some days?"

Way to plant the seed.



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