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Report: Racists tried to vilify a school for hosting a playdate specifically excluding white kids


The Daily Beast got angry with Libs of TikTok for publishing an unedited invitation to an elementary school playdate for black, Latino, and AAPI families only. No white families, sorry.


According to the San Francisco Chronicle, this was a flashpoint for "racists" and their hatred of "safe spaces."

That reminds this editor of the post he never thought he'd write. In 2020, black activists at Oberlin College demanded to be paid for the time and work they put into protesting and also demanded black-only "safe spaces" across the campus. The shocker is the school president didn't go for the safe spaces. At Oberlin! Which was recently sued for millions for trying to destroy a family business they accused of being racist.

Anyway, we're just assuming up front that if you have a problem with segregation and safe spaces against whiteness, The Chronicle considers you the racist.

Justin Phillips writes:

“Creating spaces for Black, brown and AAPI kids is seen as some kind of zero-sum game for people who are against it,” said Macheo Payne, a professor of social work at Cal State East Bay. “They ask where the white spaces are, which disregards how those spaces exist by default in society.” 

“I’m never surprised and I’m never not disappointed in the kind of backlash Chabot is seeing, whether it’s in Mobile, Ala., or the seemingly progressive Bay Area,” [Marlon Richardson] said. “We’re still dealing with ghosts of Jim Crow, the ghosts of the ’60s, and the last throes of white supremacists seeking to keep the experiences of Black, brown, AAPI and LGBTQ kids out of education spaces.” 

The ignorant pushback around the Chabot event started after an event flyer was shared on Reddit, specifically in a Bay Area subreddit. It caught the attention of the far-right extremist Libs of TikTok account, which reposted it on X, formerly known as Twitter. 


Sorry, the "far-right extremist Libs of TikTok account."

We still don't get why the pushback was ignorant. Why do blacks, Latinos, and Asian Americans need a safe space from white kids? If that's the way to go, why not segregate the classrooms as well? Make sure black and white kids never talk to each other, right from elementary school. That way they can eliminate whiteness from the black classroom experience.

White parents should have recognized by now that they live in a country built on whiteness and have white privilege. Look how mad they are when it's their turn to be excluded for their skin color.

And check the bottom of the sign: "Sponsored by the Equity and Inclusion Committee."



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