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Let's talk about January 6 sentencing


The January 6 "insurrection" at the Capitol has been compared to the Civil War, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11. No, a police officer was not beaten to death by a fire extinguisher; the New York Times eventually posted a correction. The only person to die in the Capitol was Ashli Babbit, an insurrectionist. Ray Epps, who spent two days rallying people to rush the Capitol Building, has been let off with no charges and no explanation.

Sentences are still coming in. If we remember correctly, the first conviction was of a grandmother who ran a hair salon and was charged with "parading in a Capitol Building" She was fined $500 and given probation.

The supposed leader of The Proud Boys was convinced Friday and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

18 years is a tie for the longest sentence, and it seems really, really harsh, considering how cities were left to burn in 2020.

"… for non-violent crimes on January 6."

Are these judges following the sentencing guidelines? Because 18 years seems high. By a lot.

It would be nice if the Justice Department could put even a fraction of its effort into investigating Joe Biden this thoroughly.



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