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Authors of children's book about gay penguins say removing it from library was unconstitutional

Look, we can debate whether a school district in Florida should have removed a book about a penguin being raised by two fathers. It sounds pretty innocuous to us. But the New York Times is reporting that the authors of the book have filed a lawsuit against the school district, claiming the book's removal was unconstitutional.


That was our take. Again, we don't care about the book, but how is it unconstitutional to "restrict access" to it by removing it from the school library? Are school libraries required to shelve every book ever written? It the kids want the book so badly, can't they have their parents order it from Amazon?

Did Dr. Seuss' estate sue when libraries pulled those "problematic" books of his from circulation?


It's just like when the mainstream media took seriously the claim that a book of poetry had been "banned" when in reality it was reshelved from the elementary school section to the middle school section.

Not even the most liberal court can declare it unconstitutional for a library not to carry a book. Is this just a play for publicity by the authors?


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