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Judge rules school was right to ban 'There Are Only Two Genders' T-shirt

As many have observed on here, if there are really 132 genders, then why are people only given two choices for a sex change operation? What does the "B" in LGBTQ stand for"? Bisexual, of course, or someone who's sexually attracted to both genders. (That's why those pansexuals have to fight harder to get "P" added to the alphabet.)


United States District Judge Indira Talwani decided that a student from Nichols Middle School in Massachusettes had no case against his principal, who ordered him to remove his "There Are Only Two Genders" T-shirt. Why? Because the school's dress code was undertaken to "protect the invasion of the rights of other students to a safe and secure educational environment." 

"School administrators were well within their discretion to conclude that the statement 'THERE ARE ONLY TWO GENDERS' may communicate that only two gender identities — male and female — are valid, and any others are invalid or nonexistent, and to conclude that students who identify differently, whether they do so openly or not, have a right to attend school without being confronted by messages attacking their identities," the judge wrote. No shut up and attend the mandatory Pride Month assembly.


That T-shirt could hurt someone's feelings.


So really, the T-shirt precluded the right of unspecified students not to have their feelings hurt over a scientific fact? What are the science classes at this school like, we wonder. 


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