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Audience member asks President Joe Biden how much he pays in taxes

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, file

This time around President Joe Biden was pandering to union members, calling himself the most pro-union president in history. So of course, he got into the issue of taxes. He spoke of taxes on billionaires, because as we learned with Bernie Sanders, it's kind of self-defeating for members of Congress to decry millionaires when so many of them are. So millionaires are OK now, but billionaires really have to step up.


Biden proved he could spell "eight" by claiming that billionaires pay only 8 percent in taxes. We just saw a chart showing that the top 1 percent of earners, who make as little as $540,000, pay 40 percent of all income taxes paid. Here it is:

Some horse-faced pony soldier in the audience wanted to know how much Biden pays in taxes.


That's why they always specify that, say, Jeff Bezos paid $0 in INCOME taxes since he didn't draw an income. That's why they want so badly to pass a wealth tax.

That's why "loopholes" is a pet peeve of ours. If there's a loophole in the tax code, it's because Congress put it there. Maybe it was a mistake, but people are only going to pay what they're legally obligated to pay.


The Democrats just want to confiscate all the money from all the billionaires so they can blow through it in just one fiscal year.


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