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Delegate Stacey Plaskett spreads some disinformation about Hillary Clinton's emails

Stacey Plaskett doesn't have a vote in the House, but that hasn't kept her from speaking out. She made a name for herself by disparaging Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberg as "so-called journalists" at a hearing over the Twitter Files. She also tried to get them to reveal their sources


Now Plaskett is back, apparently concerned by all of those who are calling it a double standard that former President Trump is being indicted over mishandling classified material while Hillary Clinton gloats and tries to hawk her "But Her Emails" cap. "Conservative" Heath Mayo posted a threat explaining in detail how the cases were completely different because Clinton cooperated with investigators every step of the way. Now here's Plaskett on C-SPAN doing the exact same thing.

It's a conspiracy theory that Clinton's aides destroyed electronic devices with a hammer? A lot of "conspiracy theories" turn out to be true. And how does she know Clinton's intentions in deleting those subpoenaed emails? Was it an accident, like when she used BleachBit to wipe her hard drive?

C'mon, man.


That's the one consolation here … she can't vote on legislation.

It's amazing how many liberals are willing to sanitize Clinton's actions simply to distance her from Trump. It looks like they both mishandled classified information; well, we know for a fact that Clinton did, and wasn't prosecuted.

She's going for the title, that's for sure.


As this editor keeps asking, why did Clinton even set up a homebrew email server in the first place when she had a secure official government email address? What was her intention there, Plaskett?


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