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Media Matters drone says it's not a doctor's job to stop you from removing your testicles

Earlier today, we did a post on a bombshell thread by Transphobe of the Year Matt Walsh. He did an expose on services that, for 150 bucks, will write you a letter saying you have gender dysphoria and recommending whatever “treatment” you want. Walsh’s producer was able to obtain a letter to remove his testicles after a 22-minute Zoom call. And the reason these services claim you have gender dysphoria is so that insurance will cover the procedure.


So that’s the sort of “professional” diagnosis that will get you your ticket to gender-affirming surgery.

Ari Drennen, who covers LGBTQ stuff for Media Matters, set Walsh straight, saying it’s not the medical professional’s job to stop you from mutilating your body.



Note that Drennen specifies — here but nowhere else — that we’re dealing with an adult. Should minors be able to get a letter recommending a double mastectomy after a 22-minute Zoom call? Obviously, right? Trans kids know what they’re doing.


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