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David Frum counts how many times Ron DeSantis has 'rolled over' for Donald Trump

It’s pretty transparent that the Left (which includes Never Trump conservatives) is doing everything it can to take Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis out of the race so that Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination. They’re certain Joe Biden would beat Trump again — they’re not so sure Biden could beat a governor who won reelection by 19 points and turned his state red.


David Frum writes in The Atlantic that DeSantis’ campaign launch on Twitter Spaces was better before they fixed the sound and people got to hear what DeSantis had to say. The editors at The Atlantic scoured the piece for a pull quote and settled on this:

Frum writes:

It would have been better for Governor Ron DeSantis if his Twitter Spaces announcement had crashed altogether. As bad as the tech failures were, the really bad part of his presidential launch was the part when the tech worked—and the world could hear a man radically and pathetically unready for national leadership.

DeSantis won the governorship of Florida in 2018 after a campaign in which he proclaimed himself one of Donald Trump’s most zealous and fawning followers. His best-known ad showed him indoctrinating his infant children into the Trump cult: “Then Mr. Trump said, ‘You’re fired.’ I love that part.” That history raised the question: Could DeSantis ever emerge as his own man; could he transition from follower to leader?

Even the liberal The Breakfast Club warned of dismissing DeSantis’ campaign launch as a “glitch.” DeSantis followed up with a Q&A session that showed he’d studied the national policy issues.



If DeSantis rolls over for Trump as easily as Frum suggests, he wouldn’t have declared a primary run against him, would he?


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