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Even Forbes calls out Joe Biden for pretending his granddaughter doesn't exist

Anyone familiar with this editor knows this is a sore spot — there are a million reasons to despite President Joe Biden for his policies, but for a supposedly “good” guy, he has no problem simply not acknowledging the granddaughter he has through his son Hunter. And the nation just lets him get away with it. “America is not a deadbeat nation,” he says, but it has a deadbeat grandfather as president. Your son got high and knocked up a stripper — so just pretend it never happened; that’s probably easy when you have dementia.


Biden brought up his grandkids again Friday, and again miscounted.

A lot of people are upset that Forbes tweeted this, but they’re the same people who want us to ignore Hunter Biden entirely and still believe the laptop was planted by the Russians. And now Hunter is flying cross-country in a $6 million private jet to argue in court that his child support is too high.


So Michael and Ron up there seriously think Biden just “forgot” — again — how many grandchildren he has, and he’s full of morals and empathy. And if you think Biden just “forgot,” he’s had his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, beside him to remind him how many grandchildren he has, and she gets it wrong too. Jill maybe “forgot” to put up a stocking for Navy on the chimney last Christmas too.

It’s amazing how many people are rushing to Biden’s defense in the replies, saying things like, “Oh, I get my grandchildren mixed up all the time!” Maybe Biden should just stop bringing up the subject if its a sore one for the family.



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