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Antifa fan has photographic proof that DeSantis has the Nazi vote locked up

Long before he announced his presidential run, people were insisting that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis refused to denounce all of the neo-Nazi groups that were supporting him in Florida. Most Trump vs. DeSantis battles are over who handled the COVID response better, but there’s always time for the classics, like which one is literally Hitler.


Benjamin Dixon, who states in his Twitter bio that “Antifa is good, actually,” has photographic proof that DeSantis’ Florida is Nazi country. Much like the far-right Patriot Front, nearly every Nazi in these photos has their face covered — in Florida, so it’s not a mask mandate. Has The Daily Stormer endorsed DeSantis already?

No one got the memo to bring tiki torches and wear khakis?


We ask that all the time about the Patriot Front. Wouldn’t some journalist like to track down and interview a supposed white nationalist group that marches on D.C.?


It backfired against Glenn Youngkin — why do they think it would damage DeSantis? At least find more than six or seven “Nazis” who have their days free.


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