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NBC News contributor throws it out there that Nashville is home to anti-trans hub The Daily Wire

Police killed the Covenant School shooter, who left behind a manifesto that hopefully will leak to the public if it hasn’t already. What could have driven Audrey Hale to kill three 9-year-olds at a private Christian school in Nashville? As we just reported, ABC News’ Terry Moran mentioned that Tennessee has recently passed a law banning “medical care” for transgender minors.


Reporter Benjamin Ryan also had another bit of trivia to throw out there: Did you know Nashville is also the home of The Daily Wire, “a hub of anti-trans activity.” The tweet’s been deleted, but there’s a screenshot:



Ryan did think to repost his NBC News story of his from February:

“Far-right provocateurs.”



If there’s a connection there, why didn’t Hale shoot up The Daily Wire’s offices? Then the media could justify it.



Here’s another clown:



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