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Lincoln Project posts more misinformation so readers add context

Again, we ask: The Lincoln Project is made up of former Republican campaign advisors, right? They’re apparently still putting the finishing touches on that Donald Trump movie they crowdfunded years ago because when it comes to social media, they’re just ripping off other people’s stuff (still). Someone with the username and password to the Twitter account was amused by this Fox News segment featuring journalist and podcaster Tim Pool.


Readers added context they thought people might want to know: “The image comes from a Fox News interview from August 2021. It appears to be altered with a fake title. The appearance of Tim Pool has also been altered.”

No, someone else altered the photo and headline and they ripped it off, thinking it was real.


It’s pretty clear from the replies to the tweet that Lincoln Project followers think both the chyron and the photo are real and are encouraging Pool to look in the mirror before blaming the “woke agenda” for ruining his sex life.



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