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Selfie does not help the case of doctor who was misgendered by TSA agent

VIP members on Monday read our own @PolitiBunny’s take on Biden adviser Dylan Mulvaney and “Transphobe of the Year” being “mean” by declaring that Mulvaney will never truly be a woman regardless of how many procedures he has.


As Twitchy reported, Mulvaney made her red carpet debut at the Grammys, and E! News asked in its tweet, “Isn’t she lovely?” along with a heart-eyed emoji. This is after Mulvaney spent the new year in the hospital undergoing facial reconstructive surgery to “feminize” her face.

This editor has noted before that it seems all one needs to “pass” as female is long hair (see, for example, Rachel Levine or Lia Thomas). Dr. Emily Arndt is challenged in that area, and perhaps that’s why she was misgendered by a female TSA agent. She even posted a selfie after the affront to show how offensive the “sir” was.



Didn’t we read that the Marines were doing away with “sir” and “ma’am” so that recruits wouldn’t accidentally misgender their superior officers?

So now this TSA agent who said “sir” with anything but malice is a bad person and gets told off.


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