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Good boy: Proud dog-faced pony soldier announces his retirement from the Army

Last month, we reported that Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition Sam Brinton had been arrested on a felony charge of stealing luggage. It probably wouldn’t have been a story at all but for Brinton’s penchant for dressing in women’s clothes and posting photos of himself engaging in “pup play.”


Men’s Health reports that pup play isn’t just a sexual kink — it’s freedom. Zachary Zane writes:

Some guys feel like they turn into an animal when they have sex. But if you watched season 2 of Netflix’s BDSM show, Bonding, then you know others prefer to dress up as an animal when they do it. Puppy play (a.k.a pup play) is a form of consensual, adult role-play popular in the gay leather community, where people dress up and embody the characteristics of a dog. Often, these so-called “pups” wear a leather dog mask and a tail, usually in the form of a butt plug. They walk around on all fours, bark, and sometimes eat and drink from a bowl.

In the same vain, we probably wouldn’t have noted this Army colonel’s retirement, but we’re trying to normalize pup play and hopefully introduce it to children’s reading programs.

Damn, the original tweet’s been hidden, but here’s a screenshot:


Here’s a better shot from his timeline:




We actually a little surprised he wasn’t featured in some of the Army’s most recent recruitment ads. There’s room in the military for everyone.


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