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Wikipedia considering deletion of #TwitterFiles page because 'it's a nothing event about another nothing event'

We’ll play along here for a little bit. There’s a Wikipedia page called “Twitter Files Investigation” that talks about the release of internal Twitter documents that showed “the Biden team” using its connections to have materials related to the Hunter Biden laptop story taken down. To be fair, some Wikipedia editors are suggesting that the page, which is very brief, be merged with the page devoted to Biden’s laptop. We’d have no problem with that. But it’s the excuses editors are using to justify removing that page that are worth looking at.


“This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia’s deletion policy,” it reads in a notice at the top. Why delete it? “I don’t know where to start explaining why this should be deleted. It’s a disaster.” “Redirect to the Biden laptop article, it’s a nothing event about another nothing event.” “This self-published blogpost (with a grandiose title) lacks significant coverage in reliable sources.” Oh, so because the media didn’t pick up on it and run with it, there are no “reliable sources” to use as footnotes.

“This was generally ignored by the media (with good reason) and thus failed to establish notability.”

Again, we have no problem with it being merged with the laptop page, but look at these poor excuses for deleting it.




Just release everything. We’ve already seen that Twitter came up with the bogus “hacked materials” excuse after the fact. There must be so much more to be discovered.


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