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Huh: Virginia restaurant cancels a Christian ministry's private party at the last minute as staffers felt unsafe

As Twitchy has reported, the Supreme Court is tackling the case of a web designer who refused to develop a custom website for a same-sex wedding. Her defense calls it compelled speech — she’d be making from scratch a product to celebrate something in opposition to her religious faith. Justice Neil Gorsuch brought up the example of Colorado baker Jack Phillips, who “had to go through a reeducation program” after he refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding.


Meanwhile, in Virginia, a restaurant canceled a Christian group’s dinner party at the last minute after LGBTQ staffers refused to work the event. The restaurant put out a statement saying that “it was a group of donors to a political organization that seeks to deprive women and LGBTQ+ persons of their basic human rights in Virginia.”

Further, “We have always refused service to anyone for making our staff uncomfortable or unsafe.”

You can refuse service because a few staffers felt uncomfortable?



We assume the group had a contract of some sort to book the facility.


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