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New York Times reminds us that waiting days or weeks for election results is normal

We started noticing on November 1 that Twitter was rolling out notices reminding us that “it takes time to count all the votes.” Like this:


ABC News went even further, suggesting that a “red mirage” might appear on election night but dissipate after mail-in votes were counted (unfortunately they were right on that one). In any case, the media made sure we knew it was going to be “election week” and not “election day.” A Nevada election official has told us it might take until November 18 to finalize the ballot count.

Here’s Michael Tracey with a history of the media’s march to ensure that waiting for vote totals was normal:


Democrats objected to George W. Bush being certified the winner because the Diebold voting machines in Ohio were switching votes. Twenty percent of voting machines not working where the Secretary of State is on the ballot? No story there.

This editor remembers vividly an elderly couple in 2000 pleading before a committee, nearly in tears, because they thought they might have mistakenly voted for George Bush, because the Democratic candidate is always on the top of the ballot but they switched the order and they got confused and punched the wrong hole. That’s what a farce 2000 was.


But it is normal, people say, because some states have laws where they can’t open the mail-in and dropbox ballots until 7 p.m. on Election Day. That’s a stupid law and it should be changed. We refuse to accept this as “normal.”


Notable: As we searched for the “Related” post, Twitter popped up a message telling us, “Know the facts: You can find official information on voting and elections by visiting vote.gov, a tool available from the US government and the US Elections Assistance Commission.”


Editor’s Note: Republican voters deserve answers and accountability for the failed red wave.

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