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President Joe Biden's new video is most interesting because he forgot to blink

As Twitchy has reported, President Joe Biden has claimed that “lives were lost” on January 6, and Donald Trump left cops to suffer three hours of “medieval hell,” dripping in blood and surrounded by carnage. The brave women and men in blue should never forget that, Biden says in a new video. He also says you can’t be pro-insurrection and pro-cop. We’ll admit we kind of tune out whenever someone calls the storming of the Capitol an “insurrection” — if it was, there have been a handful of insurrections since.


We’re less interested in what Biden has to say in this video than how he looks. Why doesn’t he blink? Did they not put “YOU blink” on the teleprompter? Did he shoot this from isolation or is this an older clip?

Yeah, no kidding. Is this a test of Disney’s new animatronic Biden?



What was the point of this video? And what is he on?


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