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Hot take: Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade effectively reverses the 19th Amendment

There sure are a lot of people in the replies to this tweet saying “excellent point” and “that’s by design.” Think about it: If getting an abortion is a felony, then a lot of women are going to become felons. And if they’re felons, they lose their right to vote. And since only women can get pregnant (for this exercise at least), this effectively reverses the 19th Amendment, preventing women from voting.


That’s from Texas and it reads:

This chapter may not be construed to authorize the imposition of criminal, civil, or administrative liability or penalties on a pregnant female on whom an abortion is performed, induced, or attempted.



They really can’t.


We’re pretty sure the fascist Supreme Court and the GQP would still allow women who’ve had abortions to buy guns. It’s all part of the plan.


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