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Halle Berry shares a list of 'abortions' that if you don't get, you die

“Women are going to die, it has already started.” That was the crux of a horror story that was being sent around after the Dobbs decision, but not everybody was buying it. Supposedly, a woman had walked into the hospital with an ectopic pregnancy, and the doctor spent nine hours with his lawyer making sure he wouldn’t lose his license for operating on her while she bled internally.


That’s one of the arguments the pro-abortion crowd is making: that ectopic pregnancies will be outlawed and women will die. We’re not sure where she found it, but actor Halle Berry passed around a list of abortions that would kill women if they were denied.


So Dr. Berry didn’t come up with this herself?


They act as if there are no exceptions when the life of the mother is in danger. As someone pointed out above, not even Planned Parenthood considers the treatment of an ectopic pregnancy as an “abortion.” Same with a miscarriage. This is just wrong. But Berry put a little broken heart emoji at the top, so take it seriously, ’cause she’s sad.


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