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Redditor who's 'not the organizing type' wants rural areas to see what it's like when a community is burned to the ground

Here’s a great post from Libs of TikTok. We posted a thread earlier compiling a bunch of death threats and the like over the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade. We wanted to post this one too, because the guy who wrote it up is “not the organizing type” but he’s got a great idea for someone who can organize it, starting in the Midwest. The radical Christians are found in rural areas, right? “Their towns are defenseless,” he claims. He’s dead serious, too. Punish them. Punish their towns. You say that Black Lives Matter burned cities to the ground? “I say ‘let them see firsthand what it’s like what a community is truly burned to the ground.'”


So he’s calling for (likely unarmed) liberals from the cities to “show up 100 deep in every rural town in a 50-mile radius intent on revolution.”

Right? “Their towns are defenseless, they have almost no cops and their firemen are volunteers” … “And they think they’re safe out there.”



It won’t be. Of course, passions are riding high when women’s rights are being stripped away — it’s only natural.


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