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'Racism on Hawaii roads': Man refuses to surrender 'FCKBLM' license plates he was issued

Under the headline, “Offensive Honolulu license plate still on the road one year later,” KITV anchor Tom George reports that a “FCKBLM” license plate is still on the road “after multiple warnings” to the driver. Apparently, there was a mixup and the system accidentally allowed the plate to be printed, so Hawaii officials tried to recall the plate.


George writes:

It’s an incendiary message that first caught drivers’ attention almost a year ago: a vanity license plate with an expletive-laced message “FCK BLM”, or Black Lives Matter.

The license plate was first spotted in August 2021, and the City and County of Honolulu told us that the vanity license plate was an “ill-advised oversight”, as any requests with the letters ‘FCK’ or ‘FKN’ are automatically rejected.

In the meantime, HPD tells they can’t go on to private property to remove the tags, but they can pull over the car when they see it. So far, that hasn’t happened.

OMG, the car is still out there on the roads.




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