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New York Times analyzes 1,150 episodes of Tucker Carlson to find that his, and not Joy Reid's, is the most racist show in cable history

Boy, somebody should write a piece about Tucker Carlson, the top-rated cable news host by a wide margin. It’s funny how we never hear he mentioned, especially since he hosts the “most racist program in the history of cable news.” Get this, and we’re not kidding: The New York Times can do an analysis of 1,150 episodes of “The Tucker Carlson Show” and deem it the most racist show ever while, like CNN’s Brian Stelter, completely ignoring that absolute bat-s**t racism shown on MSNBC’s Joy Reid’s “The ReidOut” every single night. No one ever calls out Reid for her racism and conspiracy theories, even after she claimed “hackers” were responsible for homophobic content on her old blog. Wake me up when the Times does a three-part series on Reid.




Even better? This isn’t an opinion. It’s fact.




Even Nick Confessore knows enough to put “alt-right” in quotation marks because no one’s managed to define it yet.






No, Carlson’s rating success corresponds to the majority of cable news viewers being alt-right white supremacists. He wouldn’t be the number one program in cable news without them, would he?



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