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Florida first-grade teacher in tears over the devastating effect the 'Don't Say Gay' law will have on her

We could do nothing but posts from our friends at @libsoftiktok and have plenty of material. Watching this video, and comparing it to so many other similar videos, we have a question that might be off-topic: Do school districts actively seek out people with blue hair and piercings? Because every teacher we see in these videos has the same look. By any chance did a professionally dressed person interview for the position?


In any case, here’s a blue-haired, pierced first-grade teacher who’s going to be directly affected by the Parental Rights in Education law. She breaks into tears when she thinks she’ll be putting her job on the line if she mentions her marriage on the Parents’ Night flyer. We’re no lawyers, but we’ve had the text of the bill pulled up all week as a reference and it just says to keep discussions about sexuality out of the classroom from kindergarten to third grade.


Here’s a suggestion:



Because she needs her life choices validated by her students and their parents and everyone on the internet.


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