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Report: Fourth-grade teacher says 20 of her 32 students have come out to her as LGBTQIA+

God bless Libs of Tik Tok for keeping an eye on what America’s teachers are up to. As she says, this message is from a fourth-grade teacher who was upset that the morning’s parade was billed as a “Wellness Walk,” and that to affirm the school’s students, “it would only be appropriate and right to publicly announce what we had this morning was a PRIDE Parade.” She also mentions that of the 32 students whom she teaches, “20 of them are LGBTQIA+ and have come out to me.”


We’re reminded of that tweet we see pop up every now and then that says if you have a vegan cat, it’s pretty clear who’s calling the shots in that relationship. But Target thought it had best pull Abigail Shrier’s book about “the transgender craze seducing our daughters.” Back in the ’90s even the most activist gay groups only claimed that 10 percent of the population was gay (based on a bogus study). It sounds like this teacher is leaning hard into that “Questioning” category.



Libs of Tik Tok has been pretty much on point with her posts. And from what we’ve seen from teachers on TikTok videos, we’ve no reason to believe this isn’t true.


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