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Glenn Greenwald schools AOC on her deep thoughts about the First Amendment being used to protect bigots from embarrassment

Dear Lord, we just did a post on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez yesterday going on about the correlation between fossil fuel extraction and the abduction and murder of indigenous women. (She also managed to work black women in there as well.) It’s pretty rich that she thinks the First Amendment is to protect yourself from being embarrassed in public. The solution to that, AOC, is to put down the iPhone and just walk away. It’s not even fun anymore to watch you embarrass yourself.


The people who say they shouldn’t ban critical race theory in public schools — and also maintain that critical race theory isn’t being taught in public schools — contend that it’s all about not teaching slavery so you don’t make white students feel uncomfortable, which is about as accurate as calling Florida’s legislation the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

And speaking of gay, AOC’s on a tear about far-right domestic terrorists banning books about slavery and criminalizing the parents of trans kids.

She’s so dumb.


Can we at least call her out for hanging out with the anti-Semites in “The Squad”?


It’s a bigger problem than she’d like to admit, because, as her tweet shows, all she has to do is call you “far-right” and you’re immediately lumped in with domestic terrorists. Not everyone’s “far-right” — some of us are just conservative — but keep doing what you’re doing until the midterms; it worked wonders in Virginia.


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