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The Miami Herald editorial board already has a piece up about Gov. Ron DeSantis' 'rant against students wearing masks'

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis telling a group of high school students that they could take off their masks has pushed Ukraine out of the headlines. We’ve heard from the media that DeSantis chastised, bullied, berated, and admonished the students for wearing masks. The viral video showing DeSantis and the kids was posted after 1 p.m., and the Miami Herald editorial board has already published a piece about DeSantis’ “rant” — the shortest rant we’ve ever seen.


Here’s what the editorial board came up with:

DeSantis’ attitude was classic Karen — the slang for self-centered, entitled white women who berate service workers and call 911 on Black people. During the pandemic, a new breed of Karens has emerged, the ones set off by other people wearing masks.

DeSantis likes to brag that Florida is “the freest state in the United States,” especially when it comes to personal choice on masks. Local governments and schools were banned from requiring them. But it appears that freedom doesn’t apply to those who, despite the CDC’s relaxed mask guidance, still are concerned about COVID.

Unlike anti-maskers, maskers don’t put other people’s health at risk. So let them be, governor. Save your anti-mask, anti-vaccine diatribes for FOX News. The only one looking ridiculous is you.

“Anti-vaccine diatribes”?


We’re giving this tweet special attention, because it’s special:

Child abuse. OK.

Exactly — they’re the ones who’d make a scene over someone not wearing a mask in a grocery store.


Just look at whatever DeSantis is doing and argue for the opposite. Go find that Grim Reaper guy who was patrolling the beaches and interview him … see what he’s up to now.



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