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Everyone at CNN is still getting over the loss of “Jeff,” without whom some have said they don’t feel safe. We’ve even heard that one member of the January 6 select committee called CNN to announce that they felt “devastated for our democracy.” CNN staffers aren’t taking it out on Jeff Zucker, who was having an “open secret” affair with a subordinate (and doing a lot more, we’ll bet, if Chris Cuomo’s emails come to light). No, they’re taking it out on WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar, who held another meeting with the staff Monday.


“The death penalty aspect of this” — no hyperbole there.

Soledad O’Brien speaks for a lot of us when she wonders how these people manage to keep a cable news station on the air.



Stelter did seem to be pretty hard-hit emotionally as he covered Zucker’s departure.



No kidding … we’re sincerely embarrassed for them.


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