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Here's another 'fun little item' by the reporter who did the Dave Portnoy...

Three hero women in Ottawa bravely stand up to bullies in big trucks, risk assault by giving them thumbs down sign

One of the best anecdotes we’ve heard from the truck convoy in downtown Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates is a woman saying the disruption was making her cat stress-poop outside the litterbox. But as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said, protests are meant to make people uncomfortable. And as we’ve reported several times, Canadian Prime Minister Justin “Blackface” Trudeau has called the protesters racists, homophobes, and even transphobes.


The CBC tracked down three hero women who stood up to the trucks that were “terrorizing” their neighborhood to get their story firsthand. “Three older ladies just blocked a small convoy led by a dump truck on Cooper. They were fantastic and are my new heroes,” posted a Reddit user Monday, alongside the photo of the women in the street.

Here are those hero women who risked being assaulted by the bullies in their big trucks.




We imagine they watched the firey but mostly peaceful Black Lives Matter riots on TV and cheered from their couches.


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