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WaPo's Greg Sargent notes that 'cheerful suburban dad' Glenn Youngkin is delivering what his voters wanted

Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent gets something wrong here that a lot of Democrats still believe about the gubernatorial election in Virginia. Yes, critical race theory in schools played its part in the election, but exit polls showed that voters’ top concern was the economy. Of course, Terry McAuliffe did himself no favors when he declared that parents shouldn’t have a say in their children’s curriculum, and it hurt him badly.


Sargent seems to think Virginia voters fell for a fake CRT scam (which was much bigger news on MSNBC than it was in the voting booths) and now “cheerful suburban dad” (is that an insult?) is ready to destroy lives with his Republican agenda:




It does, and yes, it is what Virginia voted for. Not surprisingly, most of the anger in the replies is directed at white women who are racists who didn’t want slavery taught in school. White women got blamed for Trump’s election too, so … maybe don’t try so hard to turn them off?


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