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'The eyes never lie': Libs of Tik Tok features a woman singing to children about how they'll get to play together after they get the shot

We’re not anti-vaxxers here at Twitchy. This editor is pretty sure the whole staff has been vaccinated if not boosted. But we were a lot more comfortable when the vaccine was just for adults. Then they approved it for kids 12 and up and started marketing it directly to the kids. Then they approved it for 5-year-olds, and CNN did a special with Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Big Bird telling them how great getting vaccinated was going to be. President Joe Biden even responded to Big Bird’s tweet about his wing being a little sore but otherwise feeling fine. (Big Bird is 6, we’ve learned.)


Libs of Tik Tok has uncovered this horrible video of a woman singing to young children about how awesome it’s going to be once they get vaccinated — they’ll get to play together again! Or will they? Depending on where they live, they might be mandated to wear masks as young as age 2, and kindergarteners might have to eat lunch outside or on the floor of the cafeteria without talking to each other. It’s kind of a big promise to make to a child.


Crazy eyes, right?



We’re old enough to remember when they went after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for using the word “jab” because it make the vaccine sound “scary and sinister.”

These are the people who want to make decisions for your kids.


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