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'She's demented': Glenn Greenwald weighs in on Robin DiAngelo's interview with The New Yorker

As we reported in June, anti-racist grifter Robin DiAngelo is promoting her follow-up to “White Fragility,” “Nice Racism,” which is a deeper dive into “how progressive white people perpetuate racial harm.” This book is meant to shame the same white progressives who’ll line up to buy it to find out the ways in which they’re racist, even if it’s in a “nice” way. CNN called the book “hard-hitting”; on Substack, Matt Taibbi said the book was “a juggernaut of cringe.” “Reading Robin DiAngelo is like being strapped to an ice floe in a vast ocean while someone applies metronome hammer-strikes to the same spot on your temporal bone over and over,” he wrote.


DiAngelo is out promoting “Nice Racism,” and she did an interview with The New Yorker’s Isaac Chotiner. Some highlights:

Doing less harm “could translate to one hour longer on somebody’s life, because the chronic stress of racism … shortens their lives.”

She took white women to task for crying at a black woman’s story because their tears were taking the focus off the black woman.


Yeah, a one-time workshop isn’t going to cut it. Glenn Greenwald weighs in:

People rag on Ibram X. Kendi pretty hard too, to give them credit.



Remember that slide deck going around that listed “individuality” as a characteristic of white supremacy? DiAngelo explains:

Individualism cuts the person off from the very society that the concept of individualism is valued in. That’s the great irony, right? If we were in a more community-oriented or collective-oriented society, we wouldn’t value being an individual the way that we do. We have been conditioned to see that as the ideal, that every one of us is unique and special and different, and if you don’t know somebody specifically you can’t know anything about them.



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