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What happened to defund the police? Capitol Police to expand operations outside of DC to better protect politicians

We can only imagine what the one-year anniversary of the Capitol riot is going to look like in the media seeing how they’re blowing up the six-month anniversary into the lead story in every outlet.


While Jen Psaki runs around and tries to convince us that the Republicans have been behind the “defund the police” movement (while it’s Democrats like AOC insisting that “defunding police means defunding police,” the Capitol Police are expanding their operations, opening field offices in California and Florida to better protect lawmakers from threats.

The New York Times reports:

Six months after a mob of supporters of President Donald J. Trump stormed the Capitol, the United States Capitol Police is planning to expand operations outside Washington in an effort to better protect lawmakers, beginning with the opening of field offices in California and Florida.

Tim Barber, a spokesman, said the plan was to open several additional regional offices as the department charged with protecting Congress transforms itself in the aftermath of the attack, which exposed serious deficiencies in the Capitol Police’s gathering and dissemination of intelligence, preparedness and training.

Much like the Secret Service, which has field offices in multiple states and countries, the Capitol Police need to be able to monitor and quickly investigate threats against lawmakers wherever they occur, Mr. Barber said.


So in D.C. they called in the National Guard and put up razor-wire fencing all around the building. But threats against politicians are coming from outside Washington too, so the Capitol Police need to be ready.

Tweet of the day, right there.



The New York Times goes into great detail about why this is needed, including the death of Officer Brian Sicknick “hours after the attack.”


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