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The Nation writes about 'the willful self-delusion of American Independence Day,' which is grounded in racism and militarism

We’re just getting to a lot of Independence Day hot takes today, and this one from The Nation, “the place for debate on the left,” says enough is enough. America has not lived up to its ideals and Independence Day is just “willful self-delusion.”


Interesting choice of photo: a house in flames flying an American flag. Anyway, Salih Booker and Diana Ohlbaum posit that America projects white supremacy nationally and abroad through foreign policy and the Pentagon:

While systemic white supremacy and the state’s use of violence against people of color in this country is at the forefront of the national debate, the structural racism of US foreign policy has escaped serious scrutiny. Yet the two are deeply and immutably linked. It is precisely through its brutal history of genocide and slavery that the US government learned to use violence and military force to make white people secure in their positions of privilege and domination at home and abroad.

A more ethical, effective, and peaceful approach to the world begins with acknowledging, apologizing for, and making amends for the genocides of Native American peoples and the enslavement of Africans over many generations. It requires the termination of current US wars, including those conducted by drones, air strikes, and targeted assassinations, and the revocation of their open-ended authorizations. It involves significantly reducing the size of the Pentagon budget and paring back the global network of US military bases that serve as springboards for aggression.

Only when that happens will the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness be secured for all.


Plus, we’ve seen plenty of tweets saying that the fireworks give wild birds heart attacks.



We think we’re talking about feline relationships more than human relationships here.


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