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'Joe Biden and ice cream. Enough said': President Biden makes an ice cream stop in Michigan and the press is on it

So the White House press pool just follows President Biden around from ice cream stand to ice cream stand? We can’t say that CNN never wrote about Donald Trump and ice cream; they did manage to make a scandal out of him getting two scoops of ice cream when everyone else only got one. HuffPost did do a piece on how Biden’s ice cream habit appeared to be “self-care.” But it’s almost like the media is trying to make this a thing — the administration is, what with Creepy Joe’s Biden-branded ice cream truck.


Sen. Gary Peters weighed in:


But wait, there’s more. Biden also stopped to grab some pie.

We’re old enough to remember a Business Insider reporter “eating like Trump” for a week for a story:

Wonder if there are any good ice cream places near the southern border?


Bonus: Here’s Biden at the pie place pulling out his briefing notes on Russian hacking. Putin might be in for a stern phone call next week.

* * *


Wow, we almost thought for a second there that they weren’t going to report which flavor Biden ordered, but the L.A. Times’ Eli Stokols came through:


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